21 December 2014

Funky Mosquito Big Nu Funkee Beats Forty-One (Soul-Funk Big Beats Nuggets Six)

Exclusively mixed with love for the Ramp Shows blog.

A very special christmas soul-funk mix at the end of this year...many thanxs to all of you and all the ramp-a-tiers :)


Do you like soul, do you like groove and disco, funk and jazz music with great beats and melodies?
These are my nu mixes of the soul-funk big beats nuggets serie of my choice.You will very quick get these melodies into your brain and not forget it...you will moving your feets clapping your hands and shaking your ass...this is so delicous. This is my style and i hope you will also find the pleasure with these grooves.
Swiss quality music selectar since 1968

Further infos and more funky mixes you can find under facebook:

31 golden nuggets Soul-Tracklist:

01) Funky Mosquito - Mosquito Ringtone Intro (0:15)
02) James Brown - Fever (DL Extended Edit) (3:51)
03) Kabanjak - Chain Reaction (3:14)
04) DJ Snatch - Parlez Vous Francais (3:46)
05) Etta James - I Got You (DJ Snatch Edit)(3:51)
06) Cee-Roo - James Brown (3:25)
07) The Niceguys - Funky Bird (4:01)
08) James Brown - Sex Machine (KON Remix) (2:27)
09) James Brown - Papa Make It Funky (Jayl Funk Remix) (5:49)
10) Cee-Roo - Give It Up (3:38)
11) The Funky Boogie Brothers - Funky Flame (AC Edit) (4:02)
12) Slynk - You're The Fool (2014 Remaster) (5:50)
13) Voodoocuts - Let Me Do My Thing (4.17)
14) Toots & The Martals - Hard to Handle (Stickybuds Remix)(3:54)
15) Slynk - Fried Chicken Remix (Rufus Thomas)(4:24)
16) Uncle Louie - Full Tilt Boogie (Slynk & Stickybuds Remix) (4:00)
17) Etta James - Tell Mama (Copycat's Remix)(3:31)
18) Etta James - Seven Day Fool (Secret Sun Edit)(4:55)
19) Mel Torme - Comin' Home Baby (DL Edit)(3:40)
20) Voodoocuts - Sure Is Wack (Instrumental) (4:20)
21) The Captain - The Bossa Fella's Funk (3:33)
22) DJ Snatch - Get The Women Of Your Mind (3:00)
23) Funky Boogie Brothers - What Is Skeewiff (3:04)
24) Fort Knox Five What Make Ya Dance feat Rootz (BadboE Remix) (5:50)
25) Shawn Lee - Motor City (Funky Boogie Brothers Remix) (3:08)
26) The Excitements - Ha Ha Ha (2:55)
27) The Doors - Soul Kitchen (Dj Inko Remix)(3:29)
28) Ann Robinson - You Did It (Cristian Cabrera Dj Criss Edit) (3:25)
29) Mr Bird - On A Sunny Day (3:34)
30) The Three Degrees - You'Re The Fool (Disco Tech Edit) (3:15)
31) Marlena Shaw - Woman of the Ghetto (Akshin Alizadeh Remix)(5:03)

Big thanxs to all these magical artists, re-editers, remixers,
dj's for these soul & grooovy nu-funk tracks:)

20 December 2014

All Good Funk Alliance - Late Night Workshop 10

1. ? "Tyner" (Biggie Tribute AGFA VIP)
2. Penthouse Penthouse "Heist"
3. Flamingosis "Smell the Roses"
4. Chief & Deheb "Welcome to Reality"
5. Reva DeVito & Roane Namuh "Going Down"
6. Joey Pecoraro "You Changed"
7. Sixfingerz "I Think You Do"
8. Flamingosis "Fallin"
9. Lo Creed "Join the LUV Club"
10. Kaligraph E "Thruspace"
11. Beerlover "Make Tonight (With Me)"
12. Galimatias "Atlantis"
13. Le Knight Club "Palm Beat" (Palinoia Remix)
14. The Fatback Band "I Found Lovin" (Sammy Senior Remix)
15. Mr. Scruff "GIant Pickle"
16. Maitro "Art Vandelay"
17. Harris Cole "Baby, I Love You"
18. Leberge "At Night)
19. Crowns X Dinosaurus "Physical Attraction"
20. Cosmicat "Young Me Be Like" (HER Edit)
21. EditudeCity "Feelin' Fine" (Taking it Slow Edit)
22. Ernst Jr. "Nadine"
23. Sovate "Interlude 1&2"
24. Pierpoint "Better"
25. Showdee "Tempo"

A special shout out to the flight attendants that hook me up with Ginger Ale when I have missed the service and they are just chilling working super late on the red eye.. I heart you

Fatboy Slim Keynote Interview with Rob da Bank (BBC Radio 1 / Bestival)

Fatboy Slim on his hit single 'The Rockafeller Skank'

18 December 2014

Lebrosk - Audiology Podcast #5

It's been a while, but the Audiology Podcast for the Life Support Machine Blog is back this December featuring a massive selection of Bass & Breaks releases I've been hooked on over the last couple of months. Recorded live on Serato, it kicks things off on a 4/4 tip then swiftly flips over to Breaks then back to some heavy house hitters towards the end.

Please feel free to comment, blog, tweet and all that other good stuff!

Life is Like - Robosonic
No Panties - Kill Frenzy
Ass Club (Worthy Remix) - B-Ju
Loca Lola - Sacha Robotti & Look Like
Le Pump - Doorly & Rory Lyons
The Power (Jump & Hide remix) - Snap
Pezz Dispencer - Roska
Bone - Stanton Warriors
LFO - Mak & Pasteman Leeds Basshouse Mix
Down In It - John Bradley
The Basics of Love - Nixon
Get Some - Doorly & Rory Lyons
Shizam (My Nu Leng remix) - Zed Bias feat Stylo G Scrufizzer
Spoils - Grillz
95 - New York Transit Authority

More shows here...

Evil Presidentes - Endtroducing...The Ramp Show Vol. 6 (Dec 2014)

A brand new show from one of our favourite Ramp DJs!!!

01. Mukadime Invader Introduction
02. Sometimes – Left Luggage
03. Nothing is Everything – Groove Cereal
04. Everything Reminds Me of Her (DJ Yamin Mix) – Elliott Smith
05. Intro Extended (Hugo Kant Mix) – Bonobo
06. Como Quisiera Decirte (George T Edit) – Los Angeles Negros
07. Basmati Rice – Palov & Panama Cardoon
08. Boss Taurus (Jon Kennedy Remix) – Mucca Pazza
09. Whispering – Miss Yakaba, Mwall & Diabolo
10. Planet Caravan (Extended Rework) – Poolside
11. Ping (Hugo Kant Mix) – Hauschka
12. Haydn Connection (Hugo Kant Mix) – French Touch Connection
13. Booger Bear – The Floozies
14. Rumble – DJ Inko
15. Mali Huriye – Damrap
16. Habibi Min Zaman (DJ Inko Remix) – Balkan Beat Box
17. Systole, Diastole – Toufic Farroukh
18. Political Fuck – Balkan Beat Box
19. Happy (Hugo Kant Mix) – C2C
20. Tico-Tico Breaks – Funky Boogie Brothers
21. Presidio Pt1 – Kantor Tzar Collectif 
22. Russian March – J. Strauss
23. War of the Worlds - Richard Burton
24. Collars & Aliens – Elliot Ireland
25. L’Estasi Dell’Oro (Baldini Remix) – Ennio Morricone
26. Chaguna – Anzor Kavsadze Georgian Folk Choir
27. Divine Emotions (Karim Motion Dub) – Karim Chehab 
28. Balkumbia’s Second Sky (Thomas Blonet Mix) – Balkan Beat Box
29. Can’t Get Satisfied (UFedit) – Muddy Waters
30. Crunch Punch – Julian Casablancas+The Voids
31. Waxhead – Omegaman
32. Sleep – Frank Bennett


13 December 2014

BigBeatTastic with Rory Hoy - Episode 02 (first broadcast, December 12th 2014)

For those who missed it yesterday, here is Episode 2 of my new monthly Radio Series for Digitally Imported Radio USA - BigBeatTastic. Expect my usual brand of Classic Big Beat mixed with Funk, Pop, House, Breaks and Electro, so something for everyone!

9 December 2014

YING N YANG "BLU Tour" @The Warehouse Leeds (22.11.14)

Played this set up in leeds for the Blu tour along side zinc & the Kry wolf boys

Howson's Groove - Can't Explain

Coming soon to Love & Other... 

Beatport: 15/12/14
Worldwide: 29/12/14

Ali B - Oh Shit! (Paradise) Vol. 4

Ok folks here it is...the last installment in the Oh Shit! (Paradise) series...enjoy!